Emmi Pikler Play equipment – Educational toys

Emmi Pikler is no stranger to parents, most of whom remember the triangle directly. But Emmi Pikler has developed many other toys for children, which many parents and grandparents are unaware of. That’s why everyone should inform themselves before buying any toys. Because a good toy has to meet certain conditions if children are to enjoy themselves for a long time. Here’s everything you need to know about Emmi Pikler’s popular play equipment.

What makes Emmi Pikler play equipment so special?

Klettern lernen mit Emmi Pikler Spielmaterial

Learning to climb with Emmi Pikler play equipment

Emmi Pikler’s play equipment is characterised by its simplicity, which appeals to the child’s imagination. The freedom to create lots of games from a single toy is what makes this toy so special. After all, children have huge imaginations that aren’t stretched by other toys. And that’s exactly what makes the difference, because babies can already play with this play equipment. Another thing is that children can also recognise and develop their skills. That’s exactly what children like and need. That’s why this play equipment is not only very popular with parents and children, but is also offered in many nurseries. If friends are present, it stimulates the ambition of the little ones. It’s also possible to welcome guests or start a little competition. Climbing competitions are very popular, as they allow children to show what they can do.

So this play equipment is more than just a game. It allows you to train and practise things that will be very important later on. That’s exactly what this play equipment is all about, without neglecting the fun. So children really can learn a lot, and not just once. This play equipment is always appreciated, which is not the case with ready-made toys. With a car, all you can do is drive. Here, children’s imaginations are only stretched a little. Here, simplicity is the greatest benefit for children.

Top 6 Emmi Pikler toys

Here are our top 6 toys according to Emmi Pikler:

Pikler Triangle

The Pikler triangle is one of the best-known toys, but it’s also a great way to learn something new. First you have to pull it up, then climb it. If that works, you move on to the next stage. Climb over the top and turn around. Because it’s only by turning round that you can get back down the other side.

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Learning tower

The learning tower is simply practical, especially if the child wants to help out in the kitchen one day. Of course, the child is still too small to reach a table or work surface. That’s precisely why the learning tower is so suitable, because it gives the child a raised position. To prevent anything happening, the child is completely surrounded by wide bars. This makes learning a pleasure, especially if the child can help with the cooking. Of course, the child must not be left unsupervised.

These are just a few examples, but there are other toys with educational value. And that’s precisely what Emmi Pikler wanted to do, and what she did perfectly. Because when Emmi Pikler invented this play equipment, it was still a revolution in the nursery. Today, children take it for granted, and Emmi Pikler has played her part in that too. Play equipment that doesn’t need reinventing, because it’s still just as effective today. Children will always love it.

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Pikler Bow

As the name suggests, this climbing device doesn’t have a spike, but an arch. Of course, this also presents a challenge for children, as the arch has to be crossed somehow. But it’s also great fun and safe. Another advantage is that children learn to persevere, because of course it doesn’t work straight away. That’s why children practise here until it finally works. The feeling of success once thePikler Arch has been crossed is not only unforgettable for the children. Of course, the parents are also proud of their child. So the whole family benefits, even if the fun always comes first.

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Crab Box

Emmi Pikler has thought of something here too, because children love to crawl, because that’s the only way they can learn to walk slowly but surely. But in the meantime, the play box offers lots of possibilities, because the child can crawl inside. Then they want to get out too. But that’s just one aspect of the crate, because it can be easily turned upside down. So the toddler can pull himself up onto the crate, or rather crawl up onto it. Of course, this takes a little longer, but sooner or later it’s done, and the child’s beaming face is the greatest congratulation for the parents.

Mastering the movement correctly is one of the exercises that can be learned in a fun way. Because there’s one thing that doesn’t really work at first: climbing on something. Similarly, the coordination of hands and legs is not yet working properly, which can also be practised here. There’s no need for multicoloured balls, because the real fun is in the crawling box with learning effect.

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Playpen for baby

When you think of a playpen, all you ever see is that simple frame. But here it’s different, because children are challenged once again by a different form. There are individual elements here that can be placed in different ways all the time. Care has been taken to ensure that the bars are not too far apart. This gives the child a sense of security, which is a great advantage.

Playpen – the perfect Emmi Pikler learning toy

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Balance board

The balance board looks like a skateboard, but the board is curved upwards. This helps to develop the child’s sense of balance while supporting motor skills. This balance board is not only suitable for children, it’s also great fun for parents. The simplicity of the equipment is an advantage, because nobody is distracted by unnecessary things. The balance board isn’t Emmi Pikler’s original play equipment, but it’s no less useful.

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Emmi Pikler play equipment – for what age?

The play equipment is suitable for children from 3 months. In other words, as soon as children can grasp objects. This is usually around 3 months. For this purpose, there are simple wooden rings. After that, children like to grasp, and taste is one of them. Of course, everything has to be put in the mouth, because that’s how babies learn so much. The ring is not meant to be eaten, but it can be used to do many things. So there’s really no age limit, as the rings can be reused later for another game.