Montessori climbing triangle

The Montessori climbing triangle is a climbing structure perfectly suited to young children. It’s made from sturdy wood and has three different levels for children to climb on. It also has an optional slide for added fun! With this Montessori climbing structure, your child is sure to be kept busy for hours.

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The quality of manufacture is decisive for the Montessori climbing triangle

The frame must be made of solid wood to support the weight of a young climbing child. The paint must be non-toxic and the sliding surface must be smooth to avoid injury.

The Montessori climbing triangle is an excellent way for your child to get moving while having fun! It’s also an excellent toy for developing gross motor skills. This climbing structure is sure to become a favourite in your home!

Montessori teaching still relevant today

The Montessori climbing triangle is just one example of the type of educational toys developed by Maria Montessori. Her educational philosophy is still relevant today.

Montessori believed that children learn best through practical experience. She also believed that each child has his or her own learning style. She therefore developed teaching materials and toys adapted to each child’s needs.

The Montessori climbing triangle is the perfect toy for young children who are beginning to explore their environment. It’s also a great way to develop gross motor skills. If you’re looking for an educational toy that your child will love, the Montessori climbing triangle is for you!

Accessories for the Montessori climbing triangle

You can buy a few accessories for the Montessori climbing triangle. These include a staircase, a slide and a platform.

The staircase is ideal for children who are learning to walk. They can use the stairs to practise going up and down. The slide is perfect for children who want to make their playtime more exciting! The platform can be used for children who want a break from climbing or for storage.

When buying accessories for the Montessori climbing triangle, make sure that they are made from solid wood and with non-toxic paint. In addition, make sure that the slides are smooth to avoid injuries.