Why are wooden toys so fashionable?

Children love wooden toys – in recent years, wooden toys have become popular again, and for good reason.

In any case, wooden toys are more durable than their plastic rivals. So they’re more likely to withstand an unforeseen mishap. But wooden toys also have many other advantages. There’s a wide range on offer: rocking horses, dolls’ houses, wooden trains and other wooden vehicles and riding horses, and of course our Pikler triangle by Emmi Pikler.

Dolls’ houses are certainly very popular with girls. Examples include the Kidkraft and Goki dolls’ houses. The Goki dolls’ house is available with two or three storeys. Depending on its size and equipment, the Goki dolls’ house includes a bedroom, a living room, a stairwell, a child’s bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen. Dolls and dolls’ furniture can also be purchased in many different variations. A Kidkraft dolls’ house is also a lot of fun. Here, too, there are plenty of design options. Dolls’ houses are available in different price ranges. A children’s kitchen is a source of joy for the little ones, as they can always help to prepare Mum’s meal. Accessories are also available for this purpose. There’s a huge choice here too. There are pots and pans, coffee makers, small mixers and other kitchen utensils.

Wooden toys also include the beloved puppet theatre. We could go on and on. Children can even play outside with wooden toys: swings, seesaws and sandboxes are all made from wood. Little ones are always practising walking on stilts. There are almost no limits to wooden toys.

Advantages of wooden toys

Wood is very robust and poses no health risk. The toys are painted with water-based paints. So toxic substances don’t stand a chance. However, it is important to ensure that toys carry the “Blauer Engel” eco-label. Only toys that have been officially tested can carry this label. All children are creative, and this creativity can be stimulated by imaginative toys. A dolls’ house can be home to many inhabitants and thus a turbulent life. In puppet theatre, certain characters have exciting adventures to go on. Finally, wooden board games bring the whole family together to play. Adults will be reminded of old childhood memories.

Wooden toys – trendy for a reason

Children and their toys. Everyone loves to give new toys, especially if you think of the happy eyes of the children when they unwrap the package. It’s hardly surprising, because children love anything new in their rooms.
Children are naturally curious and observe their environment with interest. This is how they learn new skills. They love new toys for the simple reason that something new gives them other stimuli. In this way, many rooms are quickly brought together and the nursery offers a varied choice of different toys.

Good old-fashioned wooden toys are making a comeback. The word old does not have a negative connotation, but rather describes a cult factor. What’s more, the new old wooden toys are full of ideas and colour.

What is the reason for the growing popularity of wooden toys?

Environmental protection movements, Fridays for Future, electric cars, exhaust gas scandals and the desire to change ecological consciousness. Wooden toys fit perfectly into this new zeitgeist. Wood is a raw material that grows back and is untreated, free from harmful substances and chemicals. These days, people want to promote the use of these sustainable natural materials. So this requirement is fully met. Wood is a contemporary and healthy material. Children love to put toys in their mouths. With wooden toys, parents can relax and don’t have to worry about children getting toxic substances in their mouths. Wooden toys have virtually no sharp edges, because the surfaces are sanded smooth.

Even “new toys” end up no longer being age-appropriate or becoming boring

In any case, a wooden toy is a better choice than plastic chipboard, which parents discard, collect or sell toys they no longer use. If the toy is discarded, it is fully recyclable or can be composted or disposed of naturally if it is not treated. If toys are collected in the bedroom, you can be sure that escaping substances such as plasticisers or fumes from plastics play no part. After all, children don’t just play in their bedrooms, they also sleep and rest there.

Another advantage of wooden toys is their stability. Wood is durable, strong and robust, so it can withstand a few play attacks. Most of the time, wood only shows dents or scratches, whereas plastic already breaks.

Wooden toys can appeal to several generations, because they are timeless

These days, there are many modern manufacturing options, and wooden toys come in many different types and models. So there are virtually no limits to the ideas and areas of use.

Of course, metal and plastic toys also have their advantages. Depending on the material, it scores points for richness of detail or attractiveness of price, massiveness or weight advantages. What’s more, electronics offer a host of possibilities. In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves which features they prefer.

There are toys for every age. Wooden toys encourage development and are therefore suitable for children until they leave nursery school. With wooden toys, children need to be active if they want to experience anything. It’s better for them than simply pressing a button that triggers something, probably by making noises. Children learn by playing.

Disadvantages of wooden toys

These days, you don’t see twelve- and fourteen-year-olds in toy shops like you used to. At this age, young people prefer mobile phones, computers and other objects. These have long since supplanted interest in classic toys.

It’s not just the shrinking target group that’s a problem for wooden toys, but also the fact that there are too many criteria for testing and that discounters are offering very attractive deals. A doll’s house that costs just €12.95 at a discount store cannot be manufactured under decent conditions. Despite this, many people buy these products because they are supposed to be cheaper all the time. However, reputable manufacturers would not offer products at this price because they feel they have other obligations. Similarly, the testing criteria, while fair and important, are problematic. However, today’s expert measurement methods are so refined that they indicate everything that is contained, even if the values are below the limits. This is often detrimental to products.


To sum up, metal and plastic toys have certain advantages, such as weight, electronics and price, but wood contains no harmful substances, is robust and can be enjoyed by several generations.